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F1simDK 2015  18/22 drivers
F1simDK 2014-1 (ended)  22/22 drivers , waitinglist
VivaF1C 2013 (ended)  24/24 drivers , waitinglist


About VRI:

VRI was created to make a platform for online racers and race enthusiasts. The site is managed by individual administrators for each league. This is done to encourage drivers to form and host leagues and races, thereby creating a wide variety of offers for the entire community. All raceservers are hosted locally by the individual league administrators. Therefore all servers have to be cleared by siteadminitrators in regard to connection speeds. The general wish is to favor fulltime servers, since these make for the most dynamic and vigilant site. However all servers are welcome as long as they can produce stable connection speeds. 
It is recommended for administrators to use SimSync or a similar program to help make the leagues easier to manage for both admins and drivers. A download section is attached to each league, and all data required for log-on to the league server is required to be contained under this menu.
Register and contact siteadmin for more information about starting an online racing league under VRI. Or simply join and enjoy the site and its leagues.