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Qual: 18-Dec-2016
Race: 18-Dec-2016


United Kingdom
Cut-off Time 105%
Cut-off Time 108%

If you can not meet 105% requirement, then the requirement is 35 completed laps and 108%. One of the requirements must be met no later than 19:25 on race day in order to participate in the race.
Cut off times are calculated from the fastest time set on the main server 7 days before race day.

Laps and times set on the test server also counts towards the requirement.


Welcome to F1simDK
Season 2016


If you want to signup for a car in the league, please register on the forum. Enter the forum thread "New Driver Forum" where you can read about the 
requirements to participate in races. Here you can also write to one of the administrators with questions and team/car wishes.

Only requests through the forum thread "New Driver Forum" will get you approved for start.

Englands Grandprix 2016

Watch the official 2016 teaser with clips from the past season

Remember vinter time

- Next event: 18-12-16
- Track: Silverstone Circuit
- Server: F1simDK 
- Password: kevin
- 19:00 - 19:45 Practice. 
- 19:45 - 19:55 Qualifying 
- 19:55 - 20:05 Warmup  
- approx. 20:05 - Race 
- Auto Shifting 
- Traction Control = Low
- Brakes = Low 
- Auto-Clutch 
- This is not locked in setup: If track is dry  (if the track is wet, setup is not locked)
- Fuel Strategy Settings (Startfuel is full tank) 
- Engine (Rev Limit / Enginebrake) 
- Brake pressure 
- Brake Balance 
- Tyres  2 dry and 2 wet
- Frontwing 
- Flag Rules: on
- Fuel Usage: 1x 
- Tyrewear: 1x
- Mech failures: Normal
- Damage: 65% 
- Racedistance: 75% 
- 39 laps 
- RaceTime: 14:00 
- RaceTimeScale: Normal 
- Weather: Dry
- Formationslap: off. 
- SafetyCar: off
Access to teamspeak3 server: 
ServerIP:  za949.teamspeak3.com

 Lapcount for the extra point: 117 laps (completed)

 Before 19.00 on race day

Official practice will be Tuesdays in first week and Thursdays in second week between races. An extra point for both championships can be earned by meeting the lapcount of each track. Check the ruleset for full update on this rule.
All drivers are welcome!

Signup for the remaining cars for season 2016 is still open


Weather forecast

 Temperatures between  18 and 28 degrees and 0%  rain is expected  


Latest Motorsport News:

Next Event

Next Event
Driver penalties next track:
M. Andresen, starts last
J. Krogh, starts last
T. Andersen, starts last
M. Persson, DT (drive through)
B. Hansen, DT (drive through)

Drivers with warnings:
M. Hyttel, Canadian GP
B. Hansen, Australian  GP
J. Karlson, Bahrain GP

Stewards season 2016: 
Theis Andersen
Paw Kristensen

Backup stewards:
Tonni Jensen
Bjarne Hansen

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